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Elements Of Motion

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What separates what we do at Elements of Motion from other exercise options is the combination of Innovative skills and techniques with significant experience. Our skill comes not from a single weekend personal training course, but from a foundation of knowledge built from hundreds or class room hours studying human biomechanics and applying those lessons practically. Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical laws relating to the structure and function of the human body. When we work with you, know that we are focused on assessing and addressing the structure and function of your unique body. Our professional training team has a combined 63 years of experience divided amongst our 5 members. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn more about what we do and how our innovative skills and vast experience can improve your fitness.

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We are knowledgable, thoughtful, and discrete and acquire the mutual trust and respect of our clients.



We are a team of highly skilled, life-long learners providing world class health and fitness services.


Forward Thinking

We help our clients achieve balance between their short-term goals and long-term health.



We love what we do! We love working with our clients and seeing them achieve more than they ever imagined.


Personal Training

We at Elements of Motion work to give you all the tools you need to become your best self. We offer an individualized training experience in a private, state of the art fitness facility in Washington DC with our friendly and experienced trainers.

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Muscle Activation Techniques™

Frustrated by old injuries that haven’t healed? Tired of repeating the same injury remedies with no improvement? Concerned that you can’t get your body to do what it used to do? Muscle Activation Techniques™ may help you to correct the muscle function of injured or painful areas to improve your body’s performance - in fitness and in life.

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Corrective Exercise

The Integrative Movement System (IMS) at Elements of Motion is a corrective exercise strategy to improve joint and muscle dysfunction. This tool is integral in progressing through joint or muscle problem areas on the way towards improved fitness.

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Cardiovascular Health in Washington, DC - Elements Of Motion

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular exercise requires focus and attention. If you have been doing the same type of cardiovascular exercise for years, it's important for someone to assess and validate that you are following the best possible plan to reach your goals. Understanding how your personal physiology works and what your body is capable of doing is an important first step.

Resistance Training in Washington, DC - Elements Of Motion

Resistance Training

We use the understanding of human anatomy, physics, and biomechanics to develop a strength training program designed specifically for your body. Our passion for and understanding of human movement gives us the tools to help you reach your personal goals safely and effectively.

Injury Prevention in Washington, DC - Elements Of Motion

Injury Prevention

Tough workouts as well as normal daily life activities can stress the body in ways that sometimes make us prone to injury. If we don’t take care to prevent injury or properly recover after an injury, we become limited in what we can do day-to-day or in some instances are forced to discontinue our favorite activities all together. Elements of Motion teaches clients how to make wise exercise choices to get the results they want and to prevent injury.

ISOPHIT in Washington, DC - Elements Of Motion


Elements of Motion's ISOPHIT™ program is designed for rehabilitation, sports performance, cardiovascular system enhancement, muscle activation, and muscular strength and endurance training.

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