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Semi-Private Personal Training In Washington, DC Will Give You Visible Results FAST!

Elements Of Motion takes pride in providing the most effective training techniques for our clients in a private group setting. Our professional trainers will design an individualized exercise plan specifically tailored for your personal abilities and goals.

Our top-of-the-line Semi-Private Personal Training allows us to provide you with a variety of challenging and enjoyable workouts that focus on your personal needs and objectives, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals.

Semi Private Training in Washington DC


Each workout is designed with your specific goals in mind, which allows us to ensure the most efficient and effective workouts for you! With exercises designed to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries and boost your metabolism, the Semi-Private Training program will help you reach your goals.

Semi-Private Training clients will train in a group of two to four. Each person will follow a program designed specifically for their needs, abilities and experience. One of Elements Of Motion's experienced coaches will guide each client though the training session ensuring maximum results.

We understand that starting a fitness program can be difficult. Training with our professional and experienced coaches will put you at ease. Our Semi-Private Training program pairs you with others who share your goals and want to get results just as much as you do.


Getting on the path to the body you want is one phone call away.

To learn more about our amazing and effective Semi-Private Personal Training classes in Washington DC, just take a minute to provide your contact information through the short form on the side of this page. When you do, we'll send you all the details you need to set up your FREE consultation today!


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