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Muscle Activation Techniques™ are designed to identify and correct positions of instability. This is a unique, non-invasive, and non-medical process that identifies and addresses underperforming muscles and helps build total body strength.

MAT™ can be used alone to increase mobility and flexibility or it can be used to supplement other training. Because this program looks at all the mechanical relationships that exist between the functions of all joints, it is a perfect way to maintain and improve your body's performance, regardless of your fitness level or age.

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To ensure the most effective muscle and mobility restoration, we have a four-step program for our clients:

  • Step One - Identifying neuromuscular deficits that lead to compromised performance, joint instability and pain. Limitations in range of motion indicate positions of weakness or neuromuscular deficits.
  • Step Two - Once positional limitations in range of motion (ROM) have been identified, the planes of weakness must be uncovered. To accomplish this, joint-specific muscle testing is applied through precise planes dictated by limited range of motion.
  • Step Three - Once the positions of instability have been identified, the neurological connection must be restored. To strengthen these positions of instability, precise palpation is used to restore proper communication to the muscle area.
  • Step Four - Re-test to verify that the Range of Motion and strength have been restored.

The Result? Increased joint range of motion and strength with decreased of eliminated pain.

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