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The Future Of Rehabilitation, Training & Performance Enhancement Is Corrective Exercise

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The Integrative Movement System (IMS) at Elements of Motion is a corrective exercise strategy to improve joint and muscle dysfunction. This tool is integral in progressing through joint or muscle problem areas on the way towards improved fitness.

“Why is IMS so effective?

It is because of the very disciplined approach to following the 3 steps of the program: 

1. Respiration


We all know that breathing appropriately during exercise is important.  The proper functioning of the muscles that support respiration also create an important foundation for most other movements due to increased stability in your pelvis, ribs, and spine which some consider to be the three parts of your “core.”


2. Centration (Align and Control)

Joint Centration is a term, along with joint centrification, to describe the ability to maintain optimal alignment between the bones that compose a joint.  It requires that all the muscles fire appropriately to keep the joint surfaces optimally aligned or “centered” at all times.  If the joint is aligned well and you have a muscle system firing appropriately to control the joint,  it creates an environment where all the structures of the joint are taking the stresses they were designed to take.  In the absence of optimal joint centration, you may experience joint or muscle pain due to compensation, where certain areas of the joint aren’t aligned well leading to joint wear and tear or certain muscles overworking due to other muscles underworking.  

3. Integration

Once someone assesses and addresses their respiration, optimal joint alignment, and the ability of their muscles to control the joint, they then learn how to integrate these components into an exercise program.  Initially you would work on performing basic human movement patterns of pushing and pulling, lifting and lowering, and twisting and turning.  Once you are proficient with the basics, you would then be transitioned out of the corrective exercise phase into a customized exercise program designed to achieve your fitness goals.

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